Facilitating Transformation Throughout Her Own Growth

Carina is a Mindset Coach, Online Health & Fitness Coach, and former WBFF Bikini competitor, fitness model and personal trainer.

Growing up on the East Coast of Canada, Carina is a big fan of warm weather and moved to Australia in 2015. Shortly after, she started pursuing her dream of competing and fitness modelling on the Gold Coast.

Carina has competed 5 times with the WBFF, achieving competitive placings in both the Bikini and Fitness categories. Competing fuelled Carina’s passion for health and fitness, and sparked a desire to help others improve their bodies, minds and overall wellbeing.

While competing is very much an aesthetic and often unhealthy sport, Carina’s approach to working with clients has always been  health & lifestyle focused, which she believes is the key to achieving sustainable results and a high quality of life.

After 7.5 years working face-to-face in the gym full-time and helping clients online worldwide, Carina has hung up the PT hat.

After becoming a certified NLP practitioner in 2023, she has transitioned into helping clients with the mindset portion of achieving their goals. She believes that a strong mindset is the necessary foundation to achieve anything great in life, and is excited to be working with more people on a deeper, more transformative level.


Mindset is everything

Being passionate about personal development and a big believer that aligning the mind can achieve anything and everything, Carina aims to inspire her clients by showing them they can achieve anything with the right mindset in place.